New season – new ways

21 augusti, 2017

New season – new ways

”Our dream is about making the ultimate escape and survival kit – in a transparent and sustainable way”

First of all, we want to send our love to all of you intelligent, curious and beautiful Bukvy carriers that has supported us during our first two years. We thank you and hope you see that you are the ones that has made Bukvy come to life. Bukvy was created with the vision to offer busy city people something completely new; an intelligent, aesthetic and beautifully handcrafted bag that helps the carrier to organize the daily life. When we started our Bukvy journey we thought that the only way to grow in a world with a lot of competition was to work with retailers. But, we were wrong.
To build our collection in a sustainable way we have chosen to stop working with retailers, except a few partners. We find it important to work in a transparent way and from our perspective these changes will affect you in only positive ways:

* Nothing has changed – but a better price (reduced up to 38 %)
* You will be able to get a lot more information about what sustainable product you are buying and what you are really paying for
* We will not longer work in seasons/ meaning; products will be launched to you as customer when we feel ready
* We will have more time to focus on you as a customer, to create new intelligent items that is perfect for just you

So, if you notice that the Bukvy prices have changed, the fine quality remains and we will succeed with Bukvy in a better way. If any questions occur about our new process, sustainability, quality or other just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We’d love to hear from you and we look forward to the future!

Yours truly
Elena & Joanna