2021 #1: The start of the year

”I’ve got what I need in my small home, not more nor less and I feel satisfied. Aesthetically, mentally and function wise”

As founder and CEO of Bukvy I have regular contact with our customers but also with women interested in sustainable fashion and female entrepreneurship. Therefore, I plan to share more about Bukvys journey but also my own and my thoughts regarding consumption, sustainable production and how we can evolve towards something better.

Short about me

Elena Ekström - female founder and owner of sustainable bag brand Bukvy

I live at Södermalm, Stockholm and at Henriksdalsberget just outside of Stockholm. I have two kids and some kind of living-apart-relationship. My life is in constant motion between my three places called: The ladies apartment, our Mountain and my Óffice. Carrying is a great part of my everyday life and even if this was not the lifestyle I planned it is almost comic how much I am in need of and use my Bukvy bags. I always bring what I need for at least one night's sleepover in my bag.

In 2015 me and my childhood friend Joanna founded Bukvy during our first maternity-leaves. I had been working within the IT-industry for about 10 years, the last five for a system development company focused on banking and insurance. I was juggling a role as product manager,  sales/marketing, communication and project manager and travelling locally on my bike, in cabs, by foot and commuting and I just never seemed to find the perfect bag for me.

Bukvy started to grow from my own everyday-bag-problem.

Bo Bardi Multifunctional bag for women

2020 was a year filled with new beginnings, two big break-ups and two moves. A new home and a new office. What came out of it all for me is that I am as sure as can be about building Bukvy.  We have only just begun and I look forward to the journey we have ahead of us. In 2021 I look forward to continue building a strong ground for a small but growing brand together with you.

I am on my second chapter as founder and CEO. I love going to work every day and build Bukvy with mine core values honesty, openness and kindness. I am an introvert extrovert and satisfied with spending time alone, working and being with my close ones.

Bukvy is of course a great part of my life. I also like to plan vacations/stay-cations, read magazines and daily papers and browsing between Netflix and Swedish TV channels.

One of my personal goals for 2021 is to continue my relationship with minimalism. To own less, surround myself with fewer things, sounds, impressions and try to choose wisely the things that brings me joy and value. Since a few years back I’ve had a few "consumption stops" which has helped me a lot. I’ve got what I need in my small home, not more nor less and I feel satisfied with that – aesthetically, mentally and function wise.

You are always welcome to contact me directly at elena [at] bezbukvy.com or Instagram.
Minimalist heart

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