2021 #6 I The soul of independent brands

“Choosing to support an independent business is an act of respect; it’s acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent to starting your own thing” - Matt Kliegman 


That lovely coffee place in your neighborhood that has been selling delicious homemade cakes. There's that little stand near the metro station, where you buy your daily newspaper before commuting to work. That flower shop by the corner of your street, where you got to know the florist or even call the owner by name. They are all examples of small independent businesses that have been flourishing through the years thanks to the local community and independent business supporters. Thanks to you. 

Maybe you are already a small independent businesss-supporter or maybe you intend to become a more conscious buyer? Here are three important and encouraging reasons why you should: 

1. We care for you!  

In every step of the business, we cater to the needs of our clients. We work hard to provide our clients with the best product we can, and we do so with much fewer resources than large corporations. The fuel for our business is not numbers, but people.

“Most independent businesses are run by people - not by boards, not by stockholders, not by algorithms. And so you get a different kind of care and quality in their product because their work is a reflection of themselves. Instead of focusing on the next market they're expanding into or the next round of funding they're raising, they're focusing on the details and being the best they can be.” - Erica Cerulo & Claire Mazur

2. Originality  

For independent businesses to survive and remain competitive, we need to come up with original products that are not readily available elsewhere, so it is not unusual for us to come up with original products.

3. Sustainability  

While this is not always the case, smaller businesses may have a shorter manufacturer-to-consumer journey. This means there is more transparency in the ingredients, materials, and origins of the products they sell.   

Each Bukvy item is ethically handcrafted in Europe using bio leather or cork. 

Our leathers  

We only use European-sourced organic leather (Eco Nappa/grainy bovine) and suede. The leather will acquire a beautiful patina with time as it is tanned without harmful chemicals. 

Our vegan Cork Skin  

In addition to reducing the risk of fire and desertification, oak trees also store a lot of carbon in their wood. They are natural, organic, renewable, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable.    


All our pieces are made with care by hand in our carefully selected studios in Portugal and Spain.  

It's up to us to keep as much diversity and heart as possible in our neighbergoods - both online and physical. 

How to support independent brands

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