The Bukvy way

”Our vision is about creating a balanced mix between city and motion, aesthetics and function – in a transparent and sustainable way"

First of all, we want to send our love to all of you intelligent, curious and beautiful Bukvy carriers that has supported us during our first years. We thank you and hope you see that you are the ones that has made Bukvy come to life. Bukvy was created with the vision to offer busy city people something completely new; an intelligent, aesthetic and beautifully handcrafted bag that helps women to organize her daily life.

We started our Bukvy journey with the thought that the only way to grow in a fashion world with a lot of competition was to work like other fashion brands following seasons and sell items through retailers. Then we realized that were wrong.

To build our collection in a sustainable way we have chosen not to work with retailers, except for just a few places who understands our ways. It is important for us to work in a transparent way so that we can give you as great items as possible and delivering them to you in the most sustainable way.

Our focus is on creating great quality and function in a transparent and sustainable way. If any questions occur about our process, sustainability, quality or other just give us a call or send us an e-mail or DM us on social media. We love to hear from you, and we look forward to creating a better and smarter future together!


Elena & Joanna