Curie - Black


This fluffy, fantastic and super spacious 3-in-1-bag is a carriers dream.  Carry the Curie as a:

  1. Shopper
  2. Backpack
  3. Cross body bag 

Just change the straps to make it fit your moment. 

Made in Spain by beautiful genuine Spanish calf leather and suede and with gold details. The inside is provided with an inner pocket for your laptop. On the outer back side of the bag there is a 22cm pocket with a zipper provided. 

Height: 50cm.
Width: 55cm.

Inner pocket: 30cm x 50cm.

Outer pocket with zipper: 22cm wide. 

Straps: 3cm x 85cm 

The inspiration: We love to think big and we chose to name this great piece after Marie Curie who has paved the way for women through being a great scientist. Her work in scientific research is still of great importance and she is a true symbol for female intellectuality and power. 

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