Shoulder strap - Burgundy, 1pcs

The shoulder strap is the perfect addition to your Bo Bardi, Kahlo or Shikibu bag. Use it as a longer shoulder strap/cross-body bag or as a belt bag around your waist.
A purchase includes one strap in nylon with genuine leather in the ends and a metal hook for easy attachment. Avaliable with silver details.
There are two lengths;
Medium: 85 - 120 cm
Small: 60 - 85 cm
Width: 4 cm

This is an organic item

The leather-details on this item is made by organic, vegetable tanned leather. That means the leather is tanned entirely without chemicals and with extra care about the environment. In the vegetable tanning process, we use bark or olive leaves instead of chrome and it takes months to get the leather tanned (compared to days with chrome).

All Bukvy leathers are EU sourced which means the tanneries must follow EU regulations, both regarding chemicals and animal care. Many leathers bought in the EU are tanned but not sourced here which means less toxic are used but animal care is non-regulated or less regulated – always ask your favorite brands a question extra. We promise it helps us keeping up the good work! 

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