Kahlo Maxi Wallet - Black


Meet the Kahlo Maxi Wallet, a creative and sophisticated bag made for your everyday life. It holds your tool kit of things in place; pens and pencils, keys, phone, iPad, cards and glasses will rest perfectly in place inside this bag. Carry the Kahlo as a:

  1. Clutch
  2. Shoulder bag 
  3. Cross body bag 
  4. Belt bag 

Height: 19 cm 
Width: 25 cm

Strap: 1cm x 120cm


Made in Spain by beautiful genuine sleek and croco printed calf leather with silver details. This item comes with a thin leather strap. We also recomend the Kahlo with the 4cm wide nylon strap as an addition. 

Inspiration: This item is inspired by artist Frida Kahlo, an icon of womanhood and female creativity. She known for her strength, confronting of her pains, self-portraits and her way of life. She has been described as a natural Surrealist, but she claimed to only paint her own reality. Already as a young woman she hung out with intellectually like-minded students, was politically active and part of the Mexican Communist Party. We thank Kahlo for leading the way in questions that are still as important – ethnicity and the female role.

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