Samples: Mini Curie - Yellow

€349 €399

-This is a Sample item -

These bags have been on photo shoots but are in great shape.  

Contact customercare@bukvy.se if questions occur. Samples & seconds are shipped up to one week after purchase. In case of return shipping will be charged.  


This small but spacious 3-in-1-bag is your perfect everyday companion. Carry the Mini Curie as a:

  • Handbag
  • Backpack
  • Cross body bag and/or shoulder bag

Just change the straps to make it fit your moment. 

The Mini Curie bag is made in Spain in beautiful genuine Spanish calf leather and suede. The inside has an inner pocket in an beige colored lining fabric for your laptop and a smaller pocket in leather on the opposite side. 

Size: H27 x W33 cm
Inner pocket lining: W24 x H20 cm 
Inner pocket in leather: W15 x H12 cm
Outer pocket: W18 cm 
The bag comes with to matching leather straps: W2,5 x L85 cm.

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