We have gathered a few questions that comes up frequently. Don't hesitate to reach out of you have questions about something else. 

What laptop size fits in my Bukvy bag? 

Bo Bardi Bag: This bag is optimized for a 13" laptop but fits up to a 15" laptop as well (26 x 37cm). 

Maxi Curie bag: fits up to a 15" laptop (36 x 27cm) and the bag is able to close on the front. 

Midi Curie bag: fits up to a 13" laptop.

Mini Curie bag: fits up to a 12" laptop or an Ipad (25 x 35cm) but the bag will not be able to close in the front. 

Laula Bag: fits up to a 15" laptop (36 x 26cm)


I am not sure on how to use and fix the straps, can you help? 

Here are some videos showing how to best fix the straps. Klick on the bag you are interested in getting to know better:

Bo Bardi Bag - how to pack and close it.

Curie Bag - how to pack and close it.

Little Curie Bag - how to pack and close it.

Shikibu Bag - how to pack and close it.


Can I get more info about the rules regarding Sample & Outlet items?

It is important for you to know that we do not offer free returns or exchanges on Sample and Vintage items. We renounce responsibility over this items in the future but will be happy to help to solve any problems that would occur at self cost price. 

Just contact customercare@bukvy.se if you have further questions. 

Do you offer returns on pre-orders?

We only offer credit back on pre-orders. The credit 

I have received a faulty product, how do I proceed? 

If you recieve a faulty product, take a photo of your problem and send it to us by e-mail together with a description. Don forget to add your order number in the subject of your e-mail. We will answer you within 24 hours. All complaints and comments should be sent to: customercare@bukvy.se.