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We, like many other small businesses, face challenging times. In order to survive this as a brand we sincerely ask for your support. If you are facing your own financial challenges, this message is not for you - we wish you all the best.

But, if you are in need of a bag and if you like Our Products please use our discount code. If you don’t need a bag but love our brand please share this page with your friends and family. It makes all the difference!

We have never done a sale but we are making an exception. Here’s a 20% promo code to share with friends and supporters (not applicable on Mini Curie or pre-orders).


(for the swedes)

Why Bukvy:

  • Multi-functional bags makes you able to use the same bag for many occasions
  • A good-conscious-purchase regarding both people and environment. Read more about our values here.
  • You support an independent brand founded, owned and led by women.
  • All items are produced in Spain and Portugal where people work under nice conditions.
  • Small scale production.
  • Our leathers and cork skins are Europe sourced and no toxic chemicals are being used.
  • We support you in taking care of your Bukvy bag today and in the future.

What we do to contribute

We are looking for our way to contribute during this difficult time. We don’t have financial means at the moment but we do have bags. Therefore, as of next week, we’ll be giving away a bag every week to a person affected by this crisis. Maybe someone who works in a vulnerable sector (eg healthcare, restaurant or hotel) or needs encouragement in her everyday life. Well start this Sunday (March 29th) by asking for nominations on Instagram.

Thank you for sharing and for your support <3

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