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Like many other small businesses, we are facing difficult times. To get through them as a brand, we sincerely ask for your support. If you are facing financial challenges yourself, this message is not for you - we wish you well.

But if you need a bag and you like Our products, please use our discount code. If you do not need a bag but love our brand, please share this page with your friends and family. It makes a big difference!

We have never had a sale before, but we are making an exception. Here is a 20% promo code to share with friends and supporters (does not apply to Mini Curie or pre-orders).


(for the swedes)

Why Bukvy:

  • Multifunctional bags allow you to use the same bag for many occasions
  • A conscious purchase with regard to people and the environment. Read more about our values here.
  • You are supporting an independent brand founded, owned and managed by women.
  • All items are made in Spain and Portugal, where people work in good conditions.
  • Small scale production.
  • Our leather and cork skins are sourced from Europe and no toxic chemicals are used.
  • We support you in taking care of your Bukvy bag today and in the future.

    What we do to contribute 

    We are looking for a way to do our part during this difficult time. We do not have funds right now, but we do have bags. So, starting next week, we will be giving away a bag each week to someone who has been affected by this crisis. Maybe someone who works in a vulnerable field (like healthcare, a restaurant or hotel) or who needs encouragement in their daily life. Start this Sunday (March 29) by asking for nominations on Instagram.

    Thanks for sharing and for your support <3

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