Kahlo Maxi Wallet - Black without strap

€199 €349

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Overstock are unused items. Maybe the bag is not part of our regular collection because the same leathers are not available anymore or we have chosen to quit a style. 

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Meet the Kahlo Maxi Wallet, a creative and sophisticated bag made for your everyday life. Designed to carry everything you need - pens and pencils, keys, phone, iPad, cards and glasses – with a perfect place for every item. Carry the Kahlo as a:

  1. Clutch
  2. Shoulder bag 
  3. Cross body bag 

Height: 19 cm 
Width: 25 cm

Made in Spain of beautiful genuine sleek and croco printed calf leather with silver details. This item comes with a thin leather strap. We also recommend carrying the Kahlo with the 4cm wide nylon straps (purchased separately) for a different look. 

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