Sample Bo Bardi - Plum

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- These are Sample items -

These bags have been to photoshoots but are in great unused shape. 

Samples are shipped up to one 7 days after purchase. In case of return shipping will be charged. Questions regarding Samples, contact customercare@bukvy.se 

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The Bo Bardi bag is a versatile 5-in-1-bag offering the perfect combination of function and aesthetics. Carry the Bo Bardi bag as:

  1. Backpack
    2. Laptop case
    3. Tote bag 
    4. Shoulder bag (and/or crossbody) 
    5. Clutch

Just change the straps, fold the bag and adjust the zippers to make it fit your moment. The Bo Bardi is optimized for a 13" laptop but fits up to a 15" laptop. The bag has a soft pink lining in a durable cotton mix fabric. 

Dimensions Backpack: 43 cm H x 29 cm W x 3-15 cm D, Tote bag: 43 cm H x 29 cm W 3x 15 cm D, Folded: 20 cm H x 29 cm W x 6-15 cm D, Straps: 75 cm L x 2 cm. 

Inner dimensions: The big pocket measures 37cm H x 26cm W,  with an expandable width of 3-15cm. 

Pockets: The Bo Bardi has a large inner compartment with a thick rubber band that holds the computer (optimized for 13 ") in place against the back for high comfort. There is also a flat, 43cm long compartment without zipper at the back of the bag (fits a 15" laptop). Inside the biggest compartment is two smaller pockets, one with a zipper (possible to reach when using the bag as a handbag/clutch) and a D-ring perfect to attach your key chain or mini-wallet.
There are 2 hidden pockets on the back of the bag, suitable for a key chain, phone, or a small wallet.


Made by genuine leather and suede.

Made by organic cork skin

All Bukvy items are made by hand in Portugal and Spain. The leather is sourced in Europe, which means that the animal has lived in Europe and has been treated and handled according to European standards.

Details: Items with gold details have a gold Bukvy logo and items with silver details have a blind de-bossed Bukvy logo at the front of the bag. Bukvys details come from China and are made without toxic chemicals.


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